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Daniel GUEGUEN Founder and CEO, Chief Executive Officer, CLAN Public Affairs; Executive Chairman, European Training Institute (ETI), Brussels


 Doctorate Faculty of Law of Rennes
 Graduated from Sciences-Po-Paris, Economic and financial section
 Scholarship from the Council of Europe
1973 Project Manager at the Centre national de la Recherche scientifique in charge of a study on the legal structure
  of multinational companies in Europe
1974-1976 Head Legal services, then Deputy Secretary-General Groupe Sablières de la Seine - Béton de Paris (Lafarge Group)
1977-1994 Head of Service, Director, then Director General (from 1988) of CEFS, the European Sugar Manufacturers Association
1983-1988 Lecturer at the Institut Technique de Banque (Paris)
1990-1992 President of the inter-professional beet-sugar association in Europe
President of the Groupe paritaire pour le dialogue social européen
1991-1994 Vice-President of the Advisory Committee for Sugar
1992 Founder of the first European lobbying school (EIPAL)
1994-1996 Secretary-General of COPA-COGECA, which represents the European farmers unions and cooperatives in Brussels
President of the world s Bretons diaspora (Organisation des Bretons de l Extérieur, OBE)


Member of the Advisory Board of ESL & Network Group
Executive Chairman of the European Training Institute (ETI)
Vice-chairman of Europe Information Service (EIS)
Associate lecturer at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) (Master in European Affairs)


Founder of Editions Apogée, 1991
Author of 12 books among which:
A practical guide to the EU labyrinth, translated in 20 languages
L Europe à contre-sens
Comitology: The Hidden Power of the EU
The Euro: Europe s Construction or Destruction?
European Lobbying
Editorial writer for many newspapers and medias


Chevalier de la Légion d Honneur
Ordre européen du mérite (Belgian Chapter)