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Ph.D. David BROWN Chief Executive Officer, Cellzome AG


 Since September 2002 President and CEO of Cellzome, an emerging Biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, UK, and Heidelberg, Germany
 At Cellzome, Dr. Brown has focused the company's proteomics platform to create drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases.
 Dr Brown 28 years experience in major Pharma and has served with 4 of the top 10 Pharma companies: Roche, Glaxo, Pfizer and Zeneca.
 Global Head of Drug Discovery, Roche Pharma, Basel, Switzerland, where he had responsibility for the output of clinical candidate drugs from approximately 2000 scientists across Roche's 5 research sites.
 Extensive experience of pharmaceutical R&D in all phases from early discovery through clinical trials.
 Experience of leading research in all major disease areas.
 Whilst at Pfizer he was named co-inventor on the patent for Viagra and he led the team that developed Viagra through to proof of concept (clinical efficacy) in man.
 At Roche, in addition to his role in leading Discovery, Dr Brown also served on the committee responsible for clinical drug development and he was a core member of the business development committee responsible for in-licensing of products and for technology agreements and acquisitions.