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Dr. David P. KREIL Stiftungsprofessor, Bioinformatik, Department für Biotechnologie, Universität für Bodenkultur, Wien


1991-1996 Allgemeine Physik (5 years) and Informatik (2 years) at the Technical University of Munich
1997-2001 Pre-doctoral Fellow at the European Bioinformatics Institute EMBL-EBI, University of Cambridge
2001-2004 Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, Dept of Genetics. Associate at the Inference Group of the Cavendish Laboratory
2004-2006 Elected Public Governor of the Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
seit 2005 Chair of Bioinformatics at Boku University Vienna


International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB)
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG)


Leparc, G.G., Tüchler, T., Striedner, G., Bayer, K., Sykacek, P., Hofacker, I., Kreil, D. P.: Model based probe set optimization for high-performance microarrays. Nucleic Acids Res., 37, e18, 2009
Huettel, B., Kreil, D. P., Matzke, M., Matzke, A. J. M.: Effects of aneuploidy on genome structure, expression and interphase organization in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genetics, 4, e1000226, 2008
Kanno, T., Bucher,E., Daxinger, L., Huettel, B., Bohmdorfer, G., Gregor, W., Kreil, D. P., Matzke, M., Matzke, A. J.: A structural-maintenanceof-chromosomes hinge domain-containing protein is required for RNA-directed DNA-methylation. Nat. Genet., 40, 670-675, 2008
Kreil, D. P., Russell, R. R., Russell, S.: Microarray oligonucleotide probes. Methods Enzymol., 410, 73-98, 2006


1997-2001 Fellow of the Intl PhD Programme of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
2000 Cambridge University Challenge Fund, joint winner
2001-2004 MRC Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge
2002-2005 Research Fellow of Darwin College, University of Cambridge
2005, 2006 Guest lecturer at the School of the Biological Sciences, University of Cambridge
2007 Invited expert for the ERA strategy conference on Systems Biology
2008 City of Vienna / Austrian Academy of Sciences Anniversary Fund Award
2005-2010 WWTF Vienna Science Chair Award [accepted]
2005-2010 Klaus Tschira Foundation Award [offered]
2006-2010 Career Development Award of the Medical Research Council (MRC), University of Cambridge [offered]
Laboratory (EMBL)
since 2005 Various conferences, session chair (ELSO, FEBS, ...)
since 2008 BmBF Panel Member
since 2009 ERA Panel Member