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BSc Econ FRSA FCIB David T. LLEWELLYN Professor of Money and Banking, Loughborough University, Leicestershire


1965 Economist, Unilever NV, Rotterdam
1966-1969 Economist, HM Treasury, London
1969-1972 Lecturer, Nottingham University
1972-1976 Economist, International Monetary Fund, Washington
since 1978 Professor of Money and Banking, Loughborough University
1994-2000 Public Interest Director, Personal Investment Authority, London
since 2000 Visiting Professor: Cass Business School, London; Swiss Finance Institute, Zurich; Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
 Financial Consultant to banks and regulatory agencies


Fellow, Royal Society of Arts
Fellow, Chartered Institute of Bankers
President of SUERF: The European Money and Finance Forum, 2000-2006
Council of Management, SUERF: The European Money and Finance Forum


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The New Economics of Banking, 1999
Financial Regulation: Why, How and Where Now? 1999
The Economic Rationale of Financial Regulation
Alternative Approaches to Regulation, 2002
Competitive Strategy in the New Economics of Retail Financial Services, 2002
Some Lessons for Bank Regulation from Recent Financial Crises, 2003
Aligning Supervisory Structures with Country Needs, 2006
Competition and Profitability in UK Banking, 2005
Are European Banks turning Anglo-Saxon?, 2006
Trust and Confidence in Financial Services: A Strategic Issue , 2007
Northern Rock: A Multi-Dimensional Problem Waiting to Happen, 2008
Global Economic and Financial Imbalances: A Risk Analysis Approach to their Resolution, 2008
Financial Innovation in Wholesale and Retail Banking, 2009
Financial Innovation: Lessons from the Financial Crisis
Financial Innovation and the Economics of the Financial System, 2009
The New Banking and Financial System, 2009
The Financial Crisis: Key issues for Regulators and Supervisors, 2009
Institutional Structure of Financial Regulation and Supervision: Key Issues for the EU, 2009