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Dr. Deborah COHEN Associate Editor, British Medical Journal, London


1997-2003 Medicine & French, Manchester University, Manchester
2005-2006 Analysis Editor, The British Medical Journal, London
2006-2010 Features and Debates Editor, The British Medical Journal, London
2010-2015 Investgations Editor, The British Medical Journal, London
since 2015 Freelance Broadcast Journalist, London


Cohen D., Why have UK doctors been prevented from prescribing Avastin? BMJ 350:h1654, 2015
Cohen D., Dabigatran: How the Drug Company withheld important Analyses BMJ 49:g4670, 2014
Cohen D., Concerns over key data in dabigatran trial. BMJ 349:g4747, 2014
Cohen D., Raftery J. Paying twice: questions over high cost of cystic fibrosis drug developed with charitable funding. BMJ 348:g1445, 2014
Cohen D., FDA official: "clinical trial system is broken". BMJ ;347:f6980, 2013
Cohen D., Has pancreatic damage from glucagon suppressing diabetes drugs been underplayed? BMJ; 346:f3680, 2013