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1952 graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade
1954 graduated in the History of Arts at the Department of Philosophy of Belgrade University
1983 acquired a Ph.D. in history (early film history) at the University of Arts in Belgrade
1952-1961 Assistant Director in feature films directed by Yugoslav and world film directors; among others to Helmuth Kautner (Germany), Carmine Gallone and Gillo Pontecorvo (Italy), Claude Autant-Lara and Robert Hossein (France) and some Yugoslav film directors; a large experience in foreign film spectacles realized in Yugoslavia
from 1954 directed over 30 documentary films; latest documentary on the history of Belgrade city transport realized in October 2004; filmed the first Yugoslav documentary film in color on Serbian medieval frescoes in 1957 on KODAK "Eastman color"
  relations of the Yugoslav cinematography
1962-1968 Executive Director of the "Yugoslav Film Festival", an independent institution at that time in charge of all the public
1962-1995 Professor of Film and TV production and Production Management at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade
  a good number of them dealed with history of arts
since 1968 has produced and directed more than two hundreds TV documentaries, mostly for Yugoslav National Television;
  countries in Europe, as the Director of Liaison and Coordination worked for ABC Sports on Olympic Games
  in Lake Placid (1980), Sarajevo (1984), Los Angeles (1984) and Calgary (1988)