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Prof.Dr. MBA Dirk LÖHR Professor for Taxation and Ecological Economics, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, University of Applied Sciences Trier, Birkenfeld


 Full-time profession:
1990-1992 Scientific Assistant, Chair of Social Economics, Ruhr-University of Bochum
1992-1995 Financial Manager, IFA Hotel & Touristik AG, Duisburg
1995-1997 Chief Department Manager, Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt
1997-2001 Professor for Accounting and Taxation, ECB - Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
2001-2002 Visiting Professor (economics), University Cottbus
since 2003 Professor for Taxation and Ecological Economics, Trier University of Applied Sciences, ECB - Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
since 2001 Tax Advisor, Schlatter, Heidelberg
since 2006 Member of the Real Estate Assessment Board, Birkenfeld
since 2005 Lecturer, Sprengnetter Academy, Real Estate Assessment, Sinzig
2009-2012 Consultant, GIZ - German international Cooperation, Phnom Pen


Association for Ecological Economics
The International Union for Land Value Taxation
International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights
ZBF-UCB - Center for Soil Protection and Land Use Policy


Löhr, D.: The Role of Tradable Planning Permits in Environmental Land Use Planning: A Stocktake of the German Discussion, in Appiah-Opoku S. (ed.): Environmental Land Use Planning, Intech, Rijeka, 2012
Löhr, D.: Capitalization by formalization? Challenging the paradigm of land re-forms, in Land Use Policy 29, pp. 837-845, 2012
Löhr, D.: The Driving Forces of Land Conversion, in FAO Land Tenure Journal 1, June, pp. 61-89, 2010
Löhr, D.: External Costs as Driving Forces of Land Use Changes, Sustainability 2, No. 4, pp. 1035-1054, 2010


Martin-Klar-Award, 2010
Karl-Walker-Award, 1988