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Dr. Dora HALAS President, Soharóza Nonprofit Association, Budapest


 Dr. Dóra Halas is a music conductor, pedagogist and collective choral composer, who works with musical ensembles - both amateur and professional - , choirs and theatre companies to produce brand new music for each performance. She uses and deconstructs already existing music from around the world, writes her own minimalist compositions, but most of all embraces the ideas and concepts coming from the group members themselves through her own methods of collective brainstorming, improvisation and musical construction. Dóra Halas (b. 1978) spent her childhood in Syria, Cyprus and Hungary - hence her openness to the different cultures and people of the world. She received her first master degree majoring in English Language and Linguistics at the ELTE University of Budapest, then gained a master degree in Choral Conducting and Music Teaching at the Budapest Music Academy, and also a DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) title specializing in choral improvisation. After working with traditional choirs and receiving international prizes, she moved onto a more experimental field. The ensembles she founded all revolve around her newly developed methodology of collective choral composing, which she likes to call KOMP. Her current and most successful ensemble is Soharóza, who have premiered innovative performances, fusing different arts and genres.