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Edgars RINKEVICS Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riga


Master in Political Science, University of Latvia, Riga Master in National Resource Strategy, U.S. National Defence University, Washington D.C. 1993-1994 Journalist, Latvijas Radio, Riga 1995-2008 Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia, Riga: 1995-1996 Senior Desk Officer, Policy Department 1996 Director, Policy Department 1996-1997 Under Secretary of State for Defence Policy Matters 1997 Acting Secretary of State 1997-2008 Secretary of State 2002-2003 Deputy Head, Latvian Delegation for accession negotiations with NATO 2005-2007 Office Manager, Office for organising the NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government 2008-2011 Head of the Chancery, Chancery of the President of Latvia, Riga since 2011 Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, Riga