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Dr. Edward N. LUTTWAK Senior Associate, CSIS - Center for Strategic Studies, Washington, D.C.


 Edward N. Luttwak is Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies of Washington DC.; Chairman of AP Fleet, (aircraft leasing), Dublin, Ireland; operates a consultancy and is the founder and head of a conservation ranch in the Amazon.
 Has served/serves as a consultant to the US National Security Council, the White House Chief of Staff, the US Department of Defense, US Department of State, and several allied governments.
 Mr. Luttwak was born in Arad, Transylvania in 1942, attended schools in Sicily, Milano and England, then the London School of Economics (B.Sc.Econ) and Johns Hopkins University (Ph..D). LLD Honoris Causa University of Bath (UK).


His books including  The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire ,  Strategy: the Logic of War and  Peace and Turbo-Capitalism have been published in US/UK and 15 foreign-language editions.