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Ph.D. Elspeth MACRAE Chief Innovation and Science Officer, Scion, Crown Research Institute, Rotorua


1983-1992 Scientist, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
1992-1998 Scientist Postharvest, HortResearch
1998-2000 Portfolio Manager Kiwifruit Quality, HortResearch
2000-2002 Portfolio Manager Kiwifruit Science, HortResearch
2002-2004 Scientist Genomics, HortResearch
2004-2006 Science Leader Industrial Biotechnology, HortResearch
2006-2008 Group Manager Biomaterials Research, Scion
2008-2011 Group Manager Bioproduct Development, Scion
2011-2018 General Manager Manufacturing and Bioproducts, Scion
since 2018 Chief Innovation and Science Officer, Scion


since 1995 member of Australian Society of Plant Scientists
since 2006 NZ representative for European Plant Sciences Organisation (EPSO)
since 2015 International Advisory Committee for Global Bioeconomy Summit
since 2017 International Bioeconomy Forum, cochair Forest Bioeconomy


Fritsch, S., Pooviah, C., MacRae, E., Thorlby, G.: "A New Zealand perspective on the application and regulation of gene editing. Frontiers in Plant Science 9: 1323-1330.", 2018
Elspeth MacRae: "Expert contribution, industrial biotechnology 2030: OECD The Bioeconomy to 2030. Designing a Policy Agenda.", 2009
HortResearch Actinidia EST Consortium (Crowhurst, Gleave, MacRae et al.): "Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags from Actinidia: Applications of a Cross Species EST Database for Gene Discovery in the Areas of Flavor, Health, Color and Convenience.", 2008
MacRae E, Lunn JE: "Chap 9. Regulation of Sucrose Biosynthesis.", 2006
Laing W, Wright M, Bulley S, Jensen D, Barraclough D, MacRae E: "A specific L-Galactose-1-Phosphate phosphatase on the path to ascorbate biosynthesis.", 2004


2005-2011 Member of various ministerial delegations
since 2006 Assessor for various grants programmes (Marsden, Rutherford, Endeavour, Advisory panels)
2017 International Reviewer for Helmholtz Forschungszentrum Jülich: Research Field: Key Technologies, Bioeconomy
since 2018 Stakeholder Board member EU-IBISBA (Industrial Biotechnology Innovation and Synthetic Biology Accelerator)