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Eric BRITTON Managing Director, EcoPlan International, Paris


 Combining studies in the physical sciences, international affairs, and economics, Amherst College, Columbia Graduate Faculties, University of Rome.
 He is a sustainability advocate who works as an adviser to government and industry on matters involving technological, environmental and social changes which are creating new circumstances for decisions of public policy and private practice. His life work is a commitment to the principles of sustainable development and social justice. He has worked with cities, ministries, public agencies, NGOs and transportation companies on five continents, as well as for the United Nations, European Commission, and OECD. In 1988 he founded the New Mobility Agenda, an open self-organizing collaborative network bringing together people of many backgrounds and from many countries who join forces to support new thinking and world-wide collaborative problem-solving on issues and strategies for sustainable transport in cities.


Founding editor of the Journal of World Transport Policy & Practice


Stockholm Challenge Environment Award, 2000
World Technology Environment Award, 2002