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Dr. Erich H. LOEWY Professor at the University of California, Davis Medical Center Sacramento


 Studium an der State University of New York und Syracuse, New York
1960-1964 Demonstrator
1964-1970 Clinical Instructor
1970-1977 Senior Clinical Instructor
1977-1981 Clinical Assistant Professor of medical Department of Cardiology
1981-1984 Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Conneticut School of Medicine
1984-1987 Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University Illinois
1987-1993 Associate Professor at the University of Illinois
1993-1995 Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois
since 1996 Endowed Alumni Association Chair, Bioethics at the University of California,Davis


Hastings Center of Ethics & Life Sciences
European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and HealthCare
Akademie für Ethik in der Medizin
International Bioethics Institute
International Association of Bioethics
Society of the History of Medicine
New York Academy of Sciences
WHO Network for Monitoring, Evaluation and Projection Methodology
Hans Jonas Verein


Moral Strangers, Moral Acquaintances and Moral Friends: Interconnectedness and Ist Conditions, New York 1997
Textbook of Healthcare, New York 1996
Ethnische Fragen in der Medizin, Wien 1995
Freedom an Community: The Ethics of Interdependence, New York 1993


Woodrow Wilson National Fellow
Golden Appel Teaching Award
Convocation Speaker - class of 1986
Chancellor's Award 'Advisor of the Year' University of Illinois 1986