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Dr. Dr. h.c. Erich HÖDL Vice-president, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Vienna


 Studies in Mathematics and Economies in Paris and Vienna
1966 Diploma
1966-1968 Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna
1968 Doctorate at University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna
1973 Habilitation at University of Technology Darmstadt
1973-1974 Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in New York
1974 Guest Professor at Universities of Heidelberg
1974-1977 Professor of Political Economy at University of Kassel
1977-1999 Professor of Economics at University of Wuppertal
1978 Guest Professor at the University of Vienna
1984-1987 President of Arbeitskreis Politische Ökonomie e.V.
1988-1999 Member of the Monitoring Panel for the Fourth Framework Program
1991-1999 Rector of the University of Wuppertal
1994 Honorary Doctorate at State University of Moscow
1994-1995 Head of the working group "Quality Assessment" of the Confederation of European Rectors Conferences
1994-2000 Member of the Kuratorium der HISGmbH
1996-1997 Member of the National Commission Erasmus/Sokrates
1996-2000 Director of the Institue for European Economic Research
  Member of the Board of Wuppertal GmbH
1997-2000 Broadcasting Council of Westdeutscher Rundfunk
1998-1999 Member of the Academic Council of European Study Centers in Hungary
2000-2003 Rector of Graz University of Technology
since 2005 Member of the Austrian Accreditation Council
  Vice-President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
 Consultant for the German Federal Government, the European Commission and United Nations, since 1992 Member of European University Council Jean Monnet in Brussels


Numerous Publications on European Economic, Environmental and Structural Policies, among them several books: Die Strukturpolitik der Europäischen Union (1997), Die Wirtschaftspolitik der Europäischen Union (1999), Europäische Wirtschaftsordnung (2001), Europäische Wirtschaft- und Gesellschaftsordnung (2005, editor) and Aspekte einer europäischen Wirtschaftsordnung (2006, editor). On Science Policy and University Reform three books: Hochschulen im Niedergang? (1994, co-editor), Beiträge zur Hochschulreform 1991-97 (1998) and Hochschulsreform und Hochschulmanagement (1999) as well as
many articles on related subjects in German and English journals and publications.