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Eva Anna RICHTERICH Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ricolab; Vice-President of the Board of Directors, Ricola, Laufen


 Eva Richterich joined the board of directors (Aufsichtsrat) of Ricola in 2014 and became vice president in 2015. Ricola is one of the world's leading brands and manufacturers of herb drops and teas exporting more than 60 different herb specialties to over 50 countries. Additional to the strategic role at Ricola Eva is co-founder and CEO of the radical innovation laboratory "Ricolab", a subsidiary of Ricola. Organized as an independent company the Lab explores future opportunities for Ricola based on the heritage of its mother company and the UN sustainable development goals. Eva has successfully founded and managed several companies and organizations in the non-profit sector before joining Ricola. As an intrinsic entrepreneur, grand-daughter of Ricola's founder and leader at the intersection of innovation and tradition Eva stands for entrepreneurial forward-thinking rooted in heritage and values.