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Franco GABRIELLI Head, National Civil Protection Service, Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Italy, Rome


1985-1987 Temporary Deputy Commissioner, State Police;
1987-1990 Director and Chief of Staff, DIGOS - Division of General Investigations and Special Operations
1990-1996 Executive Officer, Anti-Terrorism Division, DIGOS, Police Headquarters, Florence
1996-1999 Chief of Staff, Criminal Police Directorate
2000-2003 Chief Executive and later Senior Executive Officer, DIGOS
2004-2005 Associate Ministerial Advisor, Police Prevention Directorate
2005 Director, Anti-Terrorism Central Division, and Coordinator, Investigations into the Attack on the London Underground;
2006-2008 Prefect; Director, SISDE - Intelligence and Democratic Security Service, later Director, AISI - Internal Security Service Agency
2009 Vice Commissioner with deputy functions for the Abruzzo earthquake emergency
2009-2010 Prefect, L Aquila
2010 Vice Head, Civil Protection Department, Presidency of the Council of Ministers