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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Franz-Markus PESCHL Professor of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science, Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna


1986 Dipl.Ing in Computer Science Vienna University of Technology, University of Vienna
1989 Ph.D. (Dr.tech.) in Cognitive Science and Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria
1991-1995 Postdoctoral studies in cognitive science, philosophy (of science), and neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and University of Sussex
since 1997 Professor for Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna, Austria
since 2006 Head of the Middle European International Interdisciplinary Joint Master Program in Cognitive Science (MEi:CogSci)
  Guest professor at several Austrian and European Universities
 M.Peschl s current focus of research is on the foundations of knowledge creation and (radical) innovation, where he developed the concepts of Emergent Innovation and Enabling Spaces. See also http://www.univie.ac.at/knowledge/peschl/


Head of the Cognitive Science Reserach Platform, University of Vienna
Member of the American Cognitive Science Society
Founding member and secretary general of the ASoCS - Austrian Society for Cognitive Science
Scientific Head of the steering committee of the "Smart Agent Research Studio"


Peschl, M. F., & Fundneider, T.: Emergent Innovation and Sustainable Knowledge Co-creation. A Socio-Epistemological Approach to "Innovation from within", In M. D. Lytras, J. M. Carroll, E. Damiani, & others (Eds.), The Open Knowledge Society: A Computer Science and Information Systems Manifesto (Vol. 19, p. 101 108). New York, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer (CCIS 19), 2008
Risku, H., & Peschl, M. F. (Eds.): Kognition und Technologie im kooperativen Lernen. Vom Wissenstransfer zur Knowledge Creation. Göttingen: V&R unipress, 2010
Peschl, M.F. and T. Fundneider: Spaces enabling game-changing and sustaining innovations. Journal of Organisational Transformation & Social Change (OTSC), 2011 (forthcoming)
Peschl, M.F. and T. Fundneider: Designing (and) enabling interfaces for collaborative knowledge creation and innovation. Journal of Computers and Human Behavior, 2011 (forthcoming)


Life Long Learning Award for MEi:CogSci Curriculum (Middle European interdisciplinary Joint Masters program in Cognitive Science) 2009
Price for innovative teaching award at the University of Vienna, 2011, 2002