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Dr. Georg FRABERGER Clinical Psychologist; Author, Vienna


 He was born in Vienna in 1973 without arms and legs and has a doctorate in clinical and health psychology. In 2000 he graduated in psychology in Vienna. He then spent one year living in Somerset, England, where he worked as a psychological European Volunteer with patients with traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and stroke in a neurology department. After his return in 2001, he wrote his dissertation, which deals with the concept of quality of life. In 2007 he received his doctorate in psychology. He is working in his own practice, since 2010 expert at the bVa pension service, speaker in the specialist training, seminar leader in personnel development at MedUniWien and lecturer. In 2013 he wrote his first bestseller "Ohne Leib mit Seele" and works as a speaker and keynote speaker. In 2014, he published his second, equally successful book "Ein ziemlich gutes Leben".