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Mag. Georg PANHOLZER Deputy Head, Department C1.12, Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth, Vienna


 Vienna University of Business Administration and Economics (branch: International Business Administration)
  Tertiary Economy"
1994 Graduation, Master Thesis: "The Sanctions of the US against Panama; A Case Study: Sanctions against a
  programme to the "Community Initiative for Small and Medium Enterprises" (Structural Funds)
1994-1996 Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs: Division for Small and Medium Enterprises: Project leader of national
since 1996 Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour, Division for International Technology and Innovation
1996-2002 National Delegate/National Expert in INCO-Committee of EU- Framework Programme for FTD (DG Research)
2000-2002 National Delegate to the eContent Programme of the EU (DG INFSO)
  with Central and Eastern Europe)
since 2002 Project leader for the programme STRAPAMO (Formation of Strategic S&T-Partnerships
  Central and Eastern Europe), with the programme CIR-CE (Co-operation in Innovation and Research with
  Central and Eastern Europe) as the central element
since 2004 Project leader for the programme "Technology Initiative Internationalization East" (Technology initiative towards