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B.Sc. Gerald TROST Head, Office of Information Security Commission, Austrian Federal Chancellery, Vienna


1991-2000 Head of Unit, Federal Backup System and Computer Networks, Federal Chancellery, Vienna
2000-2002 Head of Department, Federal IT-Coordination, Federal Chancellery, Vienna
2003-2005 Head of Chief Information Office, Federal Ministry for Public Services and Sports, Vienna
since 2005 Director, Federal Office for Information Security, Federal Chancellery, Vienna
since 2018 Chairman, Information Security Commission, Federal Chancellery, Vienna
since 2018 Director, CPA Competent PRS Authority, Federal Chancellery, Vienna


ENS (European Nervous Systems), 3rd EU Research Framework Program, 1992-1994
WP Administrations, 4th EU Research Framework Program, 1994-1998
IDA (Interchange of Data between Administrations), TEN, 1996-2005
Council Security Committee, since 2005
Commission Security Expert Group, since 2005


Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours Degree), Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Derby