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Halory GOERGER Artist, France Distraction, Lille


 Halory Goerger creates shows and installations instead of building houses or repairing animals because it’s better like that for everyone. He works on the history of ideas, because everything else was already taken by the time he came along.
 Born in 1978, lives in France. Author, visual artist and performer.
 Selected works (solo or collective): Métrage variable (2004-2011), Bonjour concert (2007), &&&&& & &&& (2008), Germinal (2012), France Distraction (2012), Corps Diplomatique (2015), Il est trop tôt pour un titre (2016), For Morton Feldman (2017).
 He co-founded and co-directed Amicale de Production until 2016. Since then, he runs a new structure called Bravo Zoulou.