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Heinz K. BECKER Member, Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats), European Parliament; Secretary-General, OSB - Austrian Senior Citizens' Association, Brussels


  import Company, Berlin and Vienna
1970-1974 Assistant to the Japanese manager responsible for the COMECON market; Marubeni Corporation, Japanese export-
1974-1977 Account Manager and Account Director/Group Account Director; Gramm & Grey, advertising agency, Vienna
1977-1980 Advertising Manager for the audio and home electronics sector; Österreichische Philips Industrie, Vienna
1980-1985 Account Director/Group Account Director and Authorised Signatory; GGK International, advertising agency, Vienna
1985-1988 Agency Head and Account Director; Grey Group, advertising agency, Vienna
1986 Professional examinations in advertising consultancy and advertising media
1988 Founder and Chief Executive; MediaCom, media agency
1988-1992 Agency Head; Member of the Executive Board; BZW Advertising, advertising agency, Vienna
  Handover of management to spouse Anna (2002)
  Transfer of business to spouse, termination of all business licences (2011)
1992 Self-employed: BECKER. advertising agency, Vienna and Perchtoldsdorf
since 2001 Secretary-General, Austrian Senior Citizens' Association (ÖSB)
  Transfer of business to spouse, termination of all business licences (2011)
since 2011 Member of European Parliament
since 2001 Austrian Senior Citizens' Association (ÖSB); Secretary-General