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DI Ingmar HÖBARTH Managing Director, Climate and Energy Fund, Vienna


1982-1995 Studies, Landscape Ecology and Planning, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
1982 Founding member, GLOBAL 2000; "Freunde von Greenpeace", Vienna
1982-1988 Formation and development, GLOBAL 2000, Management of environmental protection campaigns (e.g. Power plant Hainburg, acid rain, transit traffic)
1983-2006 Member, "Plenum", GLOBAL 2000, Vienna
1992-2006 Chairman, GLOBAL 2000, Vienna
1995-2006 Political chief executive, GLOBAL 2000, Vienna
1996-2006 Head, Department "Politics & campaigns", GLOBAL 2000, Vienna
1998-2006 Representative, GLOBAL 2000 at "Friends of the Earth International"
Board Member, Ökobüro, Vienna
since 2007 Chief Executive, Climate and Energy Fund, Vienna