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Dr. Ingrid KOHL


 She studied Chemistry at the University of Innsbruck starting October 1991 and graduated as a Master of natural sciences in February 1999 with distinction. She continued with a PhD-thesis in the field of inorganic and physical chemistry supervised by Prof. Andreas Hallbrucker. Her scientific work involved studying the thermodynamic and structural properties of different amorphous and crystalline phases of ice. In June 2001 she received the degree Doctrix rerum naturalium with distinction.
 Since October 2001 she has been working with Prof. Mario J. Molina (Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemistry 1995) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the U.S.A., supported by an "Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship" by the Austrian National Science Foundation (FWF). Within the field of atmospheric chemistry she is investigating the heterogeneous reactions of the hydroxyl radical with tropospheric relevant particles under realistic conditions.


Recently she was awarded with the APART price by the Austrian Academy of Sciences to continue her scientific work.