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Isobel JESPER JONES Student, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London


 Isobel Jesper Jones a third year acting student at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her theatre credits include: Love Plus (Burton Taylor '14), Romeo and Juliet (Michael Piltch Studio '14), The History Boys (Oxford Playhouse '14), Orlando (Keble O'reilly '14), King Lear (Keble O'reilly '15), Plenty (Keble O'reilly '15), Punk Rock (Simpkins Lee '15), Creditors (Burton Taylor '15), Singin’ in the Rain (Oxford Playhouse ’15), Breathing Corpses (Keble O’reilly ‘15), The Changing of the Guard (Keble O’reilly ‘16), Around the World in 80 Days (OUDS National Tour ‘15), Ghosts (Burton Taylor ‘16), ircleville, Circlevalley (OUDS National Tour ‘16), The Disintegration Loops (North Wall ‘16) and Madonna and Child (North Wall ‘17). In 2016 Isobel graduated from Oxford University with a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature and Language.