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Ph.D. Jack GALLANT Professor and Head, Gallant Lab, Department of Psychology, University of California Berkeley, CA


1983-1988 Ph.D., Yale University, New Haven, CT
1988-1992 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
1992-1995 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Washington University Medicine School, WA
 The overall goal of Prof. Gallant's research program is to discover how the brain represents information under natural conditions (i.e., natural stimulation and natural tasks), and to create computational models that accurately predict brain activity under naturalistic conditions. He currently uses fMRI, statistical and computational modeling to produce detailed human cortical maps of information related to vision, language and decision making; to characterize individual differences in cortical organization in humans; and to understand dynamic thought processes in the human brain; and to decode human brain activity.


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