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Jacob AMIDROR former Major General and National Security Advisor of Israel, Raanana


1966-2002 Major General Yaacov Amidror served with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for 36 years
2011-2013 Major General Yaacov Amidror served as the National Security Advisor to the P.M of Israel and the Head of the National Security Council, for more than 2.5 years
 During his long military career, Gen. Amidror held the following positions:
 Commander of IDF Military Colleges, including The National Defense College, Staff and Command College, and Junior (tactical) Command Academy
 Military Secretary for the Minister of Defense
 Director of the Intelligence Analysis Division, responsible for National Intelligence Assessment
 Head of a large - scale technology project
 General Amidror received a Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Haifa and various other degrees and certificates from IDF colleges
2002 After his retirement, he has served as Senior Research Fellow to the Institute for Middle East Research in Washington
 M.G Amidror is now the Anne and Greg Rosshandler Senior Fellow at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar - Ilan Universit, and he is a Distinguish Fellow of JINSA's Gemunder Center
 He was a member of several large Israeli companies' boards as well as numerous high-tech start-ups


Reflections on Army and Security, a book containing several articles on the subject of military affairs and national security (in Hebrew).
A second book : Intelligence, Theory and Practice, March 2006 (in Hebrew).
A Strategic Prospective, Winning Counterinsurgency War, the Israeli Experience. November 2008 (in English).