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Dr. James W H WONG Managing Director, Allied Environmental Consultants Limited (AEC), Hong Kong


 Ir. Dr. James Wong has been educated and worked in Hong Kong and United Kingdom. Dr. Wong is one of the nation s experts in acoustic research. He studied Acoustics at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and received his MSc and Ph.D. He has extensively applied the principles of acoustics, electronics and optics to solving complex problems for the military, government and private sectors. He worked in Hong Kong Government Environmental Protection Department s Policy Group and Management Group. In 1994, Dr. Wong established AEC and in 1997, the Allied (Environmental) Group, working on developing advanced sustainable building concepts for the housing sectors. Dr. Wong brings an extensive background in the science and physics of acoustics and a broad base of knowledge of the literature and research conducted in the areas of architectural acoustics, especially acoustic in concert halls. In addition, Dr. Wong has served in foreign assignments in Korea, Philippines, London and China. Dr. Wong continues to advise Local government on a wide range of issues. He has systematic knowledge of logistic, accounting, finance, investment, and marketing. Dr. Wong has wide experience in engineering projects for a broad range of industries. In addition to the consultancy, Dr. Wong has involved in a number of on-going business including Allied Waste Disposal, Allied Science and Technology, MAN Acoustics, Allied Entertainment, EAS International Logistics. He has a number of design patents in building components, heat exchangers, and acoustics products.




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