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Jean-Frédéric CLERC Vice President, Technological Research Division, CEA - French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, Grenoble


1977-1988 R&D, Liquid Crystal Displays, CEA-Léti
1988 Project Leader, Stanley Electric, Japan
1992 Research Activities, Seiko-TECDIS, Italy
Research & Development Activities, Pixtech, U.S.A.
1995 Manager, Vice President CEA
2005-2010 Director, Technological Research Division of CEA
since 2010 Vice President, CEA Technological Research Division


Vice President of the Association of the Carnot Institutes (from 2006 to 2011)
Member of the Board of the French national evaluation of Research agency (AERES) - from 2007 to 2012


Homeotropic Alignment Full Color LCD (JF Clerc, JC Deutsch, P. Vaudaine, S. Vey) - US patent 4,889,412 (Dec, 26, 1989)
Highly multiplexed Super Homeotropic LCD, "best paper SID 1989" (S. Yamauchi, M. Aizawa, JF Clerc, T. Uchida, J. Duchène) - SID 1989 (p. 378)
Award of Understanding (S. Yamauchi, M. Aizawa, JF Clerc, J. Duchène) - Japan Display's 1989 (p. 188)
Vertically Aligned Liquid Crystal Displays (JF Clerc) - SID 1991 (p. 758)
Licences Companies : Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Sharp, AUO, Chimei