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Karolina FARSKA Co-founder, For a decent Slovakia Initiative, Bratislava


 Karolína Farská is one of the founders of the platform "For a decent Slovakia". The initiative against corruption started ist activism in the beginning of 2018 after an investigative journalist and his fiancée were murdered in Slovakia. Protests and gatherings took place in more than 60 cities in Slovakia and all around the world, which lead to the resignation of the Prime Minister and the formation of a new Slovak government.
 Karolína is also the co-founder of the anticorruption marches initiative. Driven by the central aim to support active citizenship and retrieve trust in public institutions, marches and demonstrations were organised across Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Karolina graduated year from a secondary grammar school in 2018 and is going to study European Studies at Comenius University in 2019.