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Mag. Katharina WARTA Senior Consultant and Authorized Representative, Technopolis Austria; Chairwoman, Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation, Vienna


1995-1996 Robert Bosch Postgraduate Program in International Affairs
1994 Magister Economics, University of Vienna
1994-1995 Trainee, European Commission, DG 13, Brussels
1996 Assistant to the General Director, Trainee, RadioMobil, Czech Republic, Prague
1996-1999 Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf, 2444 Seibersdorf, Conducting studies in the domain of research and ICT policy, Business or sector Research
1999-2005 Consultant, Senior Consultant, Technopolis Group France, 55 rue des petites écuries, 75010 PARIS, Conducting evaluation projects and strategic studies in the domain of R&D policy and ICT policy, project management Business or sector Research and Consultancy
since 2005 Senior consultant, Technopolis, Evaluation and strategic studies in the domain of R&D policy and governance of research organizations, group dynamics, project management, moderation