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MA, LLM Lulzim Xhelal BASHA Mayor of Tirana and Former Minister of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Tirana


1993-1997 Studies in Law, qualification as lawyer (Meester in de Rechten equivalent to LLM), specialized on Public European and International Law, the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
1998-1999 Member of Investigation Team of war crimes of Serbian Forces in Kosovoa, International Tribunal of War Crimes in Former Yugoslavia, The Hague, The Netherlands
2000-2001 Legal advisor, Justice Department, UNMIK, Prishtina, Kovovo
2001-2002 Deputy Chief of Staff of the Director of Justice Department, UNMIK, Prishtina, Kosovo
2002-2005 Special advisor for Transition, Department of Justice, UNMIK, Prishtina, Kosovo
2005-2007 Minister of Public Works & Transport & Telecommunication, Ministry of PW&T&T, Tirana, Albania
2007-2009 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tirana, Albania
2009-2011 Minister of Interior, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Tirana, Albania
 Since 2011 Mayor of Tirana, Municipality of Tirana


Member of the National Council of the Party, since 2005
Member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party of Albania, since 2005
Member of the Assembly (Parliament) of Albania, Legislature XVII & XVIII, 2005-2011


Freedom of the City of London Award, City of London, UK
Honorary Citizen of the City of Prishtina, Kosovo