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Manuel ALBALADEJO Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna


1997 Consultant, Oxfam, Ghana
1997 Consultant, ACORD - Agency for Co-operation and Research in Development, Addis Ababa
1999 Consultant, Institute of Developing Economies-JETRO
1999-2003 Research Officer and Research Associate, University of Oxford
1999-2006 Short-term consultant (several assignments), The World Bank
2000 SME Policy Specialist, UNECA - United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Mauritius
2001 Consultant, UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
2001-2002 SME Policy Specialist, African Development Bank, African Development Bank, Ivory Coast
2003 Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank
2003-2006 Industrial Economist, UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Ecuador
2003-2007 Analyst (economics), Oxford Analytica, Oxford
2004-2005 Senior Industrial Economist (Competitiveness and FTA advisor), DAI, Ecuador
2006-2007 Private Sector Development and Trade Speciliast, The World Bank, Jakarta