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Marcello PALAZZI Global Ambassador, B Corps; Chairman, SIX, the worldwide social innovation exchange; Co-founder and President, Progressio Foundation, Amsterdam


1981-1993 Founder & Managing Director, Marton Diagnostics and Marton International, London
1983-1984 MSc, European Studies and International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
1985-1987 MBA, Business Administration and Management, London Business School
since 1989 Founder President, Progressio Foundation, Rotterdam
since 1989 Initiated, or invited to, lead 300 projects in 30 countries in pursuit of 2 'civic enterprise & the civic economy'. Partnered with UN agencies, philantropies, businesses, governments, NGOs, investors and thought-leaders.
1993-1994 Co-Founder & Executive Director, Social Venture Network Europe
1996-1997 Visiting Lecturer, MBA Program, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
1996-1998 Development Director, New Academy of Business
2003-2004 Co-Founder, Spirit in Business, Zurich
2013 Advanced Leadership Fellow, Harvard University
since 2013 Executive Fellow Enterprise Acceleration, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
since 2014 Co-founder, B Lab Europe, Amsterdam
2015-2016 DCI Fellow, Entrepreneurship with Science & Technology focus, Standford University
since 2016 Chairman, SIX - Social Innovation eXchange, London
since 2017 Member of the Advisory Committee, DanoneWave
since 2017 Global Ambassador, B Lab, Amsterdam


- RSA, London (Fellow)
- Impact Hub, Amsterdam
- Global Collaborators' Alliance, San Francisco
- Ethical Markets, USA


- Towards the civic economy, 1990
- Enterprising Europe, edited by Will Hutton and Nick Isles, London, 2000


- Member, Club of Rome, Switzerland
- Fellow, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
- Trustee, European Environment Foundation, Freiburg
- Member, Advisory Board, Nudge, the Global Impact Challenge, Netherlands