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M.Sc. Marion MESNAGE Researcher, Accenture Technology Labs, Sophia Antipolis


 Has been a researcher at Accenture Technology Labs (The technological R&D organization of Accenture) for 5 years. She is graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique in France. Marion conducts applied research projects exploring applications of emerging ICT and their implications on Accenture s Clients. These projects include the development of IT prototypes illustrating concretely these applications.
 Relevant projects:
 Intelligent Home Services:
 Research Initiative aiming at understanding how Information Technologies can help elderly stay at home
 Study on the general context: problematic and existing products and technology services
 Development of a Intelligent Home Services vision, including 8 prototypes under 3 main applications areas: sensing, connecting, supporting.
 Activity Monitoring:
 With cheap sensors such as cameras distributed around the house, and relatively basic intelligence, it is possible to continuously trace the occupants, to understand their actions and derive important information about their health and well-being. This project explores the potential of using camera-based tracking technologies with an older person at home to improve their quality of life and help their family and caregivers provide better care and services.
 Connective Tables:
 Because the elderly gradually lose their ability to visit remote places and people, aging populations in western countries will certainly create a strong demand for technologies allowing them to stay in touch with society from their homes in a natural and immersive way. The Connective Tables project is one example of such technologies. It consists of a table augmented with sensory and display capabilities that allows the elderly to participate in social activities as if their remote interlocutors were sitting around the table next to them.