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Ph.D. Mark POST Professor of Vascular Physiology and Chair of Physiology, School for Cardiovascular Diseases, Maastricht University


1989-1995 Senior Investigator, Interuniversity Cardiology Institute Netherlands, Utrecht University
1995-2001 Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard University
2001-2002 Associate Professor of Medicine and Physiology, Dartmouth College, Hanover
2005-2012 Vice Dean, Medical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology
2002-2010 Professor of Angiogenesis and Tissue Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology
since 2002 Professor and Chair of Physiology, Maastricht University


Editorial Board Cardiovascular Research
Member and Chairman of Dutch Society of Physiology
Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board FIVES foundation
Co-founder and CSO of Qorium, B.V.
Co-founder and CSO of MosaMeat, B.V.


Verbruggen S, et al. Bovine myoblast cell production in a microcarriers-based system. Cytotechnology. 2017
Moritz MSM, et al. Alternatives for large-scale production of cultured beef. Journal of Integr Agric., 2015
Post MJ. An alternative animal protein source: Cultured beef. Ann N Y Acad Sci., 2014
Post MJ, van der Weele C. Principles of tissue engineering for food. In: Lanza R, Langer R, Vacanti JP, eds. Principles of tissue engineering. Amsterdam: Elsevier; 2014


World Technology Award (Science, Forbes, Times) for the innovation with the biggest impact on environment, 2013