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MA Markus CHRISTIAN Colonel, Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence, Vienna


 Head of Navigation and GALILEO Unit, Ministry of Defence, Vienna
 Head of ICT-Innovation Department, Ministry of Defence, Vienna
 ICT-Analyst and Chief Information Security Officer, ICT-Security Counter Intelligence
 Consultant Military Strategic Department, Ministry of Defence, Vienna
 Consultant and ICT-Officer, Project "Management ÖBH 2010"
 Deputy G6 and S6, KdoLuSK
 Signal Officer, KdoLuSK
 Signal Officer, 3rd mechBrig


Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Interface Control Document (ICD) Capability Team (CaT/C3B/NATO)
Consultation, Command and Control Board (C3B) Navigation and Identification Capability Panel (CAP 2/NATO)


Christian M: "A Cyber Range in the Austrian Armed Forces - Presentation of synergies and possibilities of implementation", 2015