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Markus STELZMANN Regisseur, TELE Haase Steuergeräte Ges.m.b.H., Vienna


1986-1989 Tool maker, Daimler Benz AG
1996-1997 Founder and Managing Director, S+B GmbH Technical Services and Shareholder, Meacon GBR Media Design
1997-2009 Production and SAP Planning, Festo Didactic GmbH Assembly
2006-2009 Management, Orderfulfilment Center Beck IPC GmbH
2009-2011 Company takeover of Beck IPC GmbH, Managing Director and Shareholder, Development of Business areas Renewables and E-Mobility
2011-2013 Consulting in the field of Change Management, TELE Haase and Partner, mission-e-motion GmbH
since 2013 Operational Regisseur and Creator of the "company of the future" together with TELE company owner Christoph Haase