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Dr. Martin R. STUCHTEY Professor, Resource Strategy and Management, University of Innsbruck; Founder and Managing Partner, SYSTEMIQ, Munich


 Professor for Resource Strategy and Management, Innsbruck University
 Founder and Managing Partner, SYSTEMIQ


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Stuchtey M. et.al.: The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics, 2016
Stuchtey M. et.al.: Stemming the Tide: Land-based Strategies for a Plastic-free Ocean by the Ocean Conservancy, 2015
Stuchtey M. et.al.: Growth Within - A Circular Economy Vision for a competitive Europe, 2015
Stuchtey M. et.al.: Achieving Growth Within - A € 320-billion circular economy investment opportunity available to Europe up to 2025, Together with SUN foundation and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2016
Stuchtey M. et.al.: Bayern 2025 - Alte Stärke, neuer Mut, 2015
Stuchtey M. et.al.: From Decline to Recovery: A Rescue Package for the Global Ocean for the Global Ocean Commission, 2014
Stuchtey M. et.al.: Towards a Circular Economy: Economic and Business Rationale for an Accelerated Transition by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2013
Stuchtey M. et.al.: Charting our Water Future, 2009