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Mag. Martin WINKLER Founder, Mitten in Hernals - Verein für gute Nachbarschaft und sozialen Zusammenhalt, Vienna


 Martin Winkler is managing director of a Vienna based business consultancy. In his private life, he started a non-profit project called "Mitten in Hernals" ("Amidst the neighbourhood of Hernals in Vienna") aiming to empower citizens on the community- and neighbourhood-level for cultural, social and political activism. As a first step he assembled a group of experts in the fields of data management, social science and communication to design a new approach of participation for citizens. His already operating "neighbourhood association" is aimed to become a paragon of state-of-the-art empowerment for grassroots politics. In the Special Session "Citizens don’t bite" he is going to present the findings and experiences made so far.