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MA Matthew CARNEY Graduate Student Researcher, Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA


1998-2000 Mechanical Engineering / Computer Science, New York University, New York, NY
2000 Web Programmer, Cuttols.com, Oakland, CA
2001 Research Assistant, CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, CA
2001-2002 Plastics Lab Technician, CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, CA
2001-2004 Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
2002-2003 Exchange student Maschinenbau, Fachhochschule München, Munich
2005-2006 R&D Engineer, The Polymer Technology Group, Berkeley, CA
2006-2008 Master of Science Mechanical Engineering, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
2007-2008 Graduate Student Researcher, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
2008-2009 Mechanical Engineer, Makani Power, Alameda, CA
2009-2010 Mechanical Design Engineer, Meka Robotics, San Francisco, CA
2010-2011 Mechanical Design Engineer (Senior Designer), IDEO, Palo Alto, CA
2011-2013 Lead Mechanical Design Engineer, Meka Robotics/ Redwood Robotics, San Francisco, CA
since 2013 Graduate Student Researcher, MIT, Cambridge
2013-2015 Master of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
since 2015 Doctor of Philosophy Media Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA


Patten, Eli W., Carney, Matthew, "A Multi-Directional Tribo-System: Testing the Wear of UHMWPE under Sliding, Rolling and Rotation." ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference, SBC2011-53616 , June 2011
Magnusson, Lee, Carney, Matthew, Edsinger, Aaron, "Low Cost Block and Tackle Robot Transmission." US Patent Application Number 14/061,669, 2013
Carney, Matthew, Edsinger, Aaron, "Embedded Encoder for an Outrunner Brushless Motor." US Patent Application, 2013
Peek, Nadya, Langford, William, Gershenfeld, Neil, Carney, Matthew, "Discrete Motion System." US Patent Application 2014/199,698
Carney, Matthew, Jenett, Benjamin, "Relative Robots: Scaling Automated Assembly of Discrete Cellular Lattices." ASME Conference Proceedings MSEC 2016


Jaehne Fellowship, 2006
Science Technology Engineering and Policy (STEP) Travel Grant, 2007
Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, 2008
Most Valuable Engineer - student robotics project class, 2013