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Matthias STRAUB-FISCHER Headmaster, KaosPilots Switzerland; Founder, Partner, Changels and Innovationsdorf Bern; Helicopterpilot


since 1996 Independent Coach and Facilitator for participatory innovation, change and growth processes, organizational development and conflict resolution worldwide
Trainer for leadership and large group facilitation processes for corporate, urban and rural development
Founder, changels and Innovationsdorf Bern
since 2006 Helicopterpilot (CPL H) and Founder of SupportAngels - help after natural catastrophies
since 2010 Co-Founder and Headmaster, KaosPilots Switzerland
Council Guide Trainer
2011-2014 President, AFS Intercultural Programs Switzerland


changels Partnernetwork
Council Guide Training Switzerland
AFS Intercultural Programs
Innovationsdorf Bern


Manual für changels 1.0
Various articles on leadership, organizational development, participatory and interdisciplinary collaboration and open innovation