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Dr. Meglena KUNEVA EU Commissioner for consumer protection, Brussels


1981 Sofia University; M.A. - Jurist
1984 Sofia University; Ph.D. - Environmental Law
1995 Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA; Foreign School, diploma
1999-2000 Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA; Law School, diploma
 Professional Experience:
1987-1989 Assistant Professor, Sofia University
1988-1990 Editor, Bulgarian National Broadcasting
1992-1994 Professor, Free University of Bourgas
1993 Editor, Documentary film pleading against the death penalty
1994-1995 Supervisor, Agency of Privatization
1995 Member of the Bulgarian Delegation, UN Forth Session, Commission of Sustainable Development
1991-2001 Senior Legal Adviser, Council of Ministers
2001 Member of Parliament
Chief Negotiator and Deputy Minister, MFA
2002 Minister of European Affairs
2007 EU Commissioner for consumer protection