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Mag. MA Michael HIRSCHBRICH CEO and Founder, Apollo.ai GmbH, Linz


 Mic is one of Austria's leading digitization experts and gives keynotes in the topics of digital opportunities and risks, ai and ethics as well as the consequences of the tech transformation for society and trade. He started in IT and software consulting and later took on leading management roles in Silicon Valley (as CEO, Co-CEO and CTO of various ventures). Over a period of two years he worked on a tech subsidiary in Mumbai, India. In addition to his work, he advises both medium-sized and large companies as well as top politicians. He headed the digitization think tank for Sebastian Kurz and has also written the book "Schöne Neue Welt 4.0 Chancen und Risiken der Vierte Industriellen Revolution" and is member in various advisory boards. Before moving to the California 13 years ago, he did business and a MBA program in South East Asia, mainly Hongkong and Shanghai where he became member of the Dr. Helmut Sohmen Foundation (Hongkong).


Dr. Helmut Sohmen Stiftung


Hirschbrich, Michael: "Schöne Neue Welt 4.0 - Chancen und Risiken der Vierten Industriellen Revolution"


Born Global Champion 2017
Most innovative Startup 2016