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MA Michael SCHMUNK Former Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Bosnia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan and Envoy for Afghanistan; Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Vienna


1971-1972 General Military Service (18 months), Koblenz/Daaden
1972-1976 University Degrees in Law and Political Science
1976-1977 Teaching and Research Fellow, Political Science Department, University of Bonn
1977-1983 Advisor for Foreign and Security Policy, German Parliament, Bonn
1983-1985 Desk Officer, NATO/WEU, German Foreign Office, Bonn
1985 Desk Officer, Conventional Disarmament (MBFR/Stockholm Process), German Foreign Office, Bonn
1985-1987 Press and Political Officer, German Embassy, Washington, D.C., USA
1987-1990 Desk Officer, North-South Dialogue/UNCTAD/G 77/OECD, Bonn
1991-1994 Press spokesman and desk officer at the Political Department, German Embassy, Pretoria/Capetown, South Africa
1994-1997 Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Baku
1997-2000 Deputy Director, USA, Canada, Transatlantic Relations and G 8 Department, German Foreign Office, Bonn/Berlin
1999 Head of the G 8 Foreign Ministers' Team (German G 8 Presidency, 1999), German Foreign Office, Bonn
2000-2002 Head (Ambassador rank), German Liaison Office, Prishtina, Kosovo
2002-2004 Ambassador at Large; Special Representative and Head of the Special Task Force for Afghanistan, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2004-2005 Visiting Diplomat in Residence at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin (Peace-, Nation- und State-Building Concepts and Instruments)
2005-2006 Senior Fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs/John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA (Peace-, state- and nation-building research and teaching)
2006-2008 Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Permanent Member of the Peace Implementation Council Steering (PIC) Board Ambassadors; Sarajevo
2008 Decoration with the Golden Cross of Honor of the German Armed Forces
2008-2010 Ambassador; German Foreign Office's Special Representative and Ambassador at Large for Foreign and Security Policy Related Cooperation with Universities, Foundations and Think Tanks, Berlin