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Dr. Michael VON BRÜCK Professor of Religion, Faculty of Protestant Theology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


  Research Paper in Philosophy of Religion: "New Tendencies in the Philosophy of Religion of USSR"
1975 Dr. theol. at the University of Rostock in Systematic Theology, Topic: Possibilities and Limits of a Theology of Religions (Karl Barth und Rudolf Otto)
1980-1982 Habilitation: Advaita and Trinity. Indian and Christian Experience of God in Dialogue of Religions
  Research Fellow at Dept. of Philosophy of the University of Madras Organizer and Director of a Program for Interreligious Studies and Dialogue
1981-1985 Visiting Professor at Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, Madras
1983-1985 Study of Philosophy of Mahayana-Buddhism at Gaden Mahayana Monastic University (Karnataka) and in Dharamsala, India Study of Tibetan Buddhism in Ladakh, Zanskar and Sikkim
1988-1991 Professor of Comparative Religion, Philosophical Faculty, University of Regensburg
1990-1998 General Editor of the Journal Dialog der Religionen, (Chr. Kaiser/Gütersloher Verlagshaus), Gütersloh