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Michael WRIGLESWORTH Senior Advisor to International Emissions Trading Association


 He started his career in BP Chemicals research, before moving to the oil commercial side of the business. After a range of experience in downstream oil supply, logistics and commercial activities, Mike Wriglesworth became responsible for environmental issues 15 years ago in the planning function of BP Oil. He was actively involved in both Auto/Oil I and II. as well as being active in the Centre for European Policy Studies, the European Policy Centre, and several oil and chemical industry working groups on a range of environmental and energy issues.
1966-2002 joined BP from university, undertaking 5 different careers within the one company
1987-1992 joined the oil companies environmental, health and safety organisation
1989 moved to Brussels with the oil companies environmental, health and safety organisation
1992 he rejoined BP in its European Government Affair s unit in Brussels where he focused on a range of issues related to the environment, including clean fuels and auto emissions, and climate change