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Miet SMET Minister of State and Member of the European Parliament


1964-71 Scientific official with the study group Mens en ruimte (Town and Country Planning, Housing, Cultural Infrastructure)
1971 Councillor with the Dender, Durme en Schelde Intercommunal in Termonde
1971-90 President of the C.V.P. Lokeren section
1972 Press attaché for the Secretary of State for the Regional Economy L. Dhoore
1973-79 Director of the C.V.P. Institute of Political Training
1973-83 Founder of the C.V.P. working group Avrouw en Maatschappij and National President
1974-85 President of the Women's Labour Commission created with the Ministry of Employment and Labour
1978-95 C.V.P. Member of Parliament, House of Representatives
1985-92 Secretary of State for Environment and Social Emancipation
1992 Secretary of State for Employment and Labour, for Environment and Social Emancipation
1992 first joint trilateral declaration with the Ministers of Employment and Labour of Czechoslovakia and Tunisia
1992 Bilateral declaration with the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Romania
1995 C.V.P. Senator
1992-99 Minister of Employment and Labour responsible for the policy of Equal Opportunities for Men and Women
since 2002 Questor of the European Parliament