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Prof. Mo HAMZA Professor, Disaster Risk Management and Recovery, University of Copenhagen


1986-1988 Urban Planner, Architecture and Planning Consultants
1988-1989 Urban Planner and Researcher, Centre for Planning and Architectural Studies
1989-1990 Adviser and Planner, Urban Development, World Bank and UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
1990-1992 Adviser, Urban Development, USAID - United States Agency for International Development
1992-1993 Deputy Regional Director, NEF - Near East Foundation
1994-2000 Lecturer, Department of Planning, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
2000-2002 Senior Lecturer, Cranfield Disaster Management Centre, Cranfield University, Cranfield
since 2002 Independent Consultant
since 2008 Professor, Disaster Risk, Management, University of Copenhagen
since 2011 Senior Associate, GCAP - Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (UK) Limited


World Disaster Report: Local Actors at the Centre of Humanitarian Action, IFRC - International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Geneva, 2015 (forthcoming)
Hamza, M., Taylor, R., Ali, B., Bharwani, S., Downing, T., MacClean, A., Matin, N., and Moriniere, L.: Transformations in Risk: The Humanitarian Consequences of Environmental Migration, Springer, 2015 (forthcoming)
Hamza, M., Smith, D., and Vivekanande, J.: Difficult Environments: Bridging Concepts and Practice for Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development, Bridging Paper 4/4, DfID Learning Hub, Learning Cycle 4, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University, 2012
Hamza, M., and Corendes, C. (eds.): Climate Change and Fragile States: Rethinking Adaptation, United Nations University and Munich-Re Foundation, SOURCE No. 16, 2012