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Dr. Monika KIL Vice-Rector for Academic Teaching/Scientific Continuing Education, Danube University Krems


 Educational science with degree Diplom Pädagogin, Dortmund University
1994 Organizational psychology, Dortmund University
1999 Dissertation, Dortmund University
2006 Habilitation, Bremen University
2009-2012 Department Head at the Research and Development Centre at the German Institute for Adult Education - Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning, Bonn
since 2013 Professorship and Head of the Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Management, Danube University Krems
since 2013 Vice-Rector for Academic Teaching/ Scientific Continuing Education


Association of educational scientists (BV-Päd e.V.)
AUCEN - Austrian University Continuing Education and Staff Development Network
Austrian Society for Research and Development in Education (ÖFEB)
German society for evaluation (DeGEval)


As editor ongoing since 2006: Journal for Science and Practice in Pedagogic/Professions: The Pedagogical View, on behalf of BV-Päd. e.V. Professional Association of Educational Scientists, published by BeltzJuventa
Bilanz der Perspektiven: Organisation und Profession im Gestaltungsrahmen einer inkludierenden Erwachsenenbildung, In: Burtscher R., Ditschek E. J., Ackermann K.-E., Kil M., Kronauer M. (Hrsg.): Zugänge zu Inklusion: Erwachsenenbildung, Behindertenpädagogik und Soziologie im Dialog, Bielefeld, 2013, 243-255
Kil M., Dasch B., Henkes M.: Outreach - Empowerment - Diversity: Collection, Presentation and Analysis of Good Practice Examples from Adult Education Leading towards an Inclusive Society, 2013, http://www.eaea.org/oed-projekt/doc/rescources/OEDWPDIEReport_26-04_final.pdf
Kil M., Motschilnig R., Thöne-Geyer B.: What Can Adult Education Accomplish? The Benefits of Adult Learning - The Approach, Measurement and Prospects, 2013, Reihe: texte. http://www.die-bonn.de/doks/2013-benefits-en-01.pdf (Original erschienen 2012 In: Der pädagogische Blick)


Dissertation prize 1999 for educational sciences, Dortmund University, 2000
Outstanding poster presentation by new generation scientists at the 43. Work Science Congress, Dortmund University, 1997